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Do you want universal media? You've got it, just recognise the massive implications - ecological and economic implications.

Massive change needs simple principles to focus and learn from what has already gone wrong. Massive media is sustainable and is accessible to everyone who wants it. Massive trust is needed to accept more intrusive media into our lives.

Accessibility to all will be our lifeline. Human culture is undergoing a fundamental shift in perception. We embrace change while closing our eyes. Without visibility, technology will only enslave us.

Massive is a set of notions you can take to heart. If it doesn't work for you, revise. Massive is about viewing development through many cross-cultural eyes. Massive is the open framework for media.

Massive is the cleanest communications design and the widest possible delivery. Massive means media can scale. You can sell things throughout Massive but the source of the framework is free.

Massive spans language, channel and format. Massive is wider than long. Massive evolves to encompass anything that trusts it. Massive is virally accountable manipulation.

Massive channels exist under source control. Massive serves cost-effective and free. Massive works offline, content is backwards-compatible to print. Massive is plain text and far richer channels.

Massive does not seek to regulate the world but hums and runs beneath it. Massive supports massively parallel interactions. Massive is as easily read by software as it is by people.

Massive revolves around inter-operability. It uses every trick in the book to communicate. Black box technology is tainted. Closed software is suspect. Massive is open and therefore more easily trusted. Genies will escape from the bottle with massive consequences. It is only a question of when. Massive is our bridge to safety.

You are reading a massively multi-lingual movie.


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