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thequality.update update 11/2000

__ TOP LINE __________________________________________________________________

This newsletter contains updates on projects and clients. is seeking additional partnerships and clients to further the
development of online filmic content.

__ PROJECTS __________________________________________________________________

* Discussions are underway with Brilliant Digital Entertainment to co-produce content based on BDE's leading-edge 3D technology. This month BDE opened a new division, Brilliant Music, to develop 3D animated digital music videos. created a feature-length interactive movie for BDE in 1998.

* Middlesbrough Football Club has become the first UK Premier League football club to switch to the Premium TV content management system (Story Server, Oracle, Real). The system helped design will enable rapid deployment of web sites for Premier League and 1st Division UK club sides.

* conceptual design and information architecture phases (managed by are due for completion in December. The e-book and reference portal is due to be launched first quarter in 2001.

* And finally, the October launch of SCAPE - Australia's newest youth culture web site was greeted with widespread criticism for its overly opaque interface (designed by Razorfish). contributed a dance music toy which persistent users may one day find in the site's Music section by moving their cursor over a vertical line...
DANCER is mirrored at

__ FOOD FOR THOUGHT __________________________________________________________

DivX ;-) try saying that backwards...

"DivX ;-)" is a video codec (compression/decompression format) that has the motion picture industry stirred up in much the same way as MP3 first affected the music industry. Beneath all the hype about copyright infringment, this is clearly a valuable new marketing model. Peer-to-peer networks like Napster will provide virgin territory for savvy viral marketeers. If you can crunch your video down to a handful of megabytes, the masses will happily distribute it for you wholesale.

We recently put the theory to the test, locating and downloading all the relevent software in little more than half an hour (noting that the infamous DeCSS DVD ripper software is only 56K!). Tests not only confirmed the ease with which DVD encryption can be circumvented but also produced an hour's worth of feature film in a 170Mb AVI file (640 x 352 resolution).

__ ABOUT _____________________________________________________________________ is an interactive agency specialising in bridging the creative / technical divide in cross-cultural new media. The company was founded in Sydney in 1993 and moved to London in 1998.

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