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what are books?

books are the written word and podium space. In an age where most things are recorded, every non-censored expression can make a difference. Mean what you meme.

Monoculture is the price we pay for communication. Technology is separating people along additional lines - information-rich and information-poor. In evolutionary terms, we are already worlds apart. A nanotechnology virus is an alien concept to someone who has never logged on. Shooting an animal for food is just as alien to the microwave diner.

Converging media is widening the notion of what is reality. is set up as an partially open book for a collective of craftspeople.

Quality lives, we aim for.

Quality - a means of including and excluding.

Quality - a sign of differences, of change.

Quality - a word which can leave a bad taste in your mouth.

What is taste anyway? What exactly is quality? Find your own and answer the question.

Quality is what you say it is. Reclaim it for yourself. Read on...