Brilliant Digital Entertainment

Brilliant Digital Entertainment is a leading entertainment content producer, technology developer and tools provider.

the job

BDE develops a 3D streaming format (B3D) and tools that enable the creation of interactive cartoons. The company was looking for writers to propose interactive movie concepts. BDE commissioned to develop an interactive movie based on an original idea by The brief was to write with the technical constraints of the medium (real-time 3D animation, streaming audio, and mouse/keyboard input) in mind.

the procedure

Working in conjunction with a BDE script editor, submitted scene breakdowns and then several drafts of a linear (regular) feature film script. Once producer approval was obtained, wrote the interactive scene breakdown, technical specification, and finally the full interactive screenplay.

the implementation produced an online project workspace containing source illustrations, over 400 pages of screenplay, and a technical specification mapping out interactivity and the user interface. A 10-page flowchart mapped out the interactive feature-length story-line.

the end result delivered the conceptual framework and interactive screenplay for ten weeks in the head bin - a science-fiction adventure described as a cross between Brazil and Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Interactive functionality from technical specification has since been incorporated into BDE's player software, the B3D Projector.
The project remains in development. Discussions are now underway with Brilliant Digital Entertainment to co-produce ten weeks in the head bin as a webisode series.
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