looks to nurture new ideas through its association with socially aware projects. Opportunities to work for social/environmental change through innovation are welcomed.

The company was originally formed in 1993 as a 'company of craftspeople' providing largely non-profit advice on use of interactive technology to individual artists across music, arts and new media. web site has provided a forum for artists to communicate online and to display their work. Today, works on paid corporate and institutional projects, yet maintains the ethos upon which it was founded.

CULTURAL GROUPS provides intranet resources to various cultural groups. These have included THEFOREIGNOFFICE, a virtual community that aims to create links and encourage collaborations between the creative communities of major cities, and EXTRA MILE, a mixed media collective.


The much vaunted meeting of AV and IT is not an automatic benefit to society. There is a need to balance social, moral, economic, conservation and creative perspectives in all things, not least of all in media production. We believe that the euphoria that surrounds the new can be translated into an appreciation of the old. We believe that a more sustainable approach to communication can be realised through the nurturing of individual talents that span creative and technical. has supported, the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers, the London Natural History Museum, and London Zoo's Lifewatch program.