makes extensive use of proprietary and open source software technology. The heart of the company is an online systems architecture begun in 1993 that supports projects world-wide.

Suppliers (and influences) include:

CERN, NCSA, W3C, Free Software Foundation, Debian, Adobe, Apache, Alias Wavefront, Apple, Avid, B.C. Software, Discreet, emagic, Hewlett Packard, Oracle, perl, Powerquest, Psion, Pulse, Macromedia, MetaCreations, Matrox, Microsoft, mysql, Netscape, Nullsoft, Real, Redhat, SGI, SideEffects, Sony, Steinberg, Sun, Terran Interactive, W3C tracks the development of a wide range of technologies and explores their ongoing relevance to creative / technical projects.

* file formats
* multimedia authoring tools
* content management systems
* database systems
* programming languages
* system protocols
* operating systems web sites use:

Debian Linux, RedHat Linux, MacOSX, Windows2K, Apache, mysql, perl, python, php, RealMedia, Quicktime, XHTML, WML, RSS, RDF, XML, MP3, OGG, SWA, Javascript, Flash, Shockwave, B3D