thequality.update 8/2001

Update on's current projects and insights into
converging media issues.

NEWS has been re-branded to focus on interactive media
production. The new logo and identity was supplied by
Myriad Creative.

'Horses for Courses', Europe's (and perhaps the world's) first
multi-lingual streaming 3d short movie was launched online by on June 25. This was an in-house production to
establish whether web3d technology was ready to support
film-making. Now showing at

The movie has been selected for the “web3droundup” at the
graphics and interactive technology conference SIGGRAPH 01, Los
Angeles, on August 15. Audience participation will in part
determine the winners so come along and make some noise! provided technical design and functional
prototypes for a multi-media project of the UK Government General Practitioner, working alongside Cap Gemini Ernst & Young. The project was successfully launched on schedule in June. The
resulting multimedia touch screen kiosk has since been deployed
to over 80 Post Offices, opening up access to government services and information in remote areas of the country. has been awarded a contract to consult on Content Management and Technical Architecture services to the UK Department of Trade and Industry.


Notes from a web3d production diary:

Viral marketing works.
Starting with a targeted mail-out to around four hundred people
in London, Paris and Barcelona, positive audience feedback is
coming in from as far away as Pakistan.
T-shirt sales (from the purchase path embedded in the movie) are low. Most people haven't seen the second ending (only shown if you clicked something in the movie).
The Spanish soundtrack remains the most popular, ahead of English and French. was set up in 1993 to focus on “films and beyond”.
8 years later and we're still researching what that actually
means. More options? More ways to choose? More popcorn? Who wants interactivity - the studio or the audience? Can today’s
technology meet expectations?

Web3d technology is emerging as a new entertainment paradigm
where the much discussed merge of game and film is finally
achievable, and more importantly, cost-effective. The process of
introducing physics engine technology (simulating real-world
dynamics like gravity and collision detection) into web browsers
has begun. This opens the flood-gates to previously
cost-prohibitive visual effects. Early examples, such as the
web3d music video released last month, Fat Lip by Sum41 (Island
Records), in which samples of Spaces Invaders, Asteroids and
Defender could actually be played, have set the stage for more
ambitious entertainment content.

'Horses for Courses' Episode Two will attempt to deliver on that
potential and introduce a new level of audience participation. Stay tuned.

ABOUT is an interactive production company specialising in bridging the creative / technical divide in cross-cultural new media. The company was founded in Sydney in 1993 and moved to London in 1998.

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