horses for courses interactivity spec

Stage one

Stage one interactivity will consist of

Hotspot models

Each relevent B3D model is assigned an identifying URL. The link goes to a placeholder page on The current language setting is passed as part of the URL in case the resource in question can take advantage of this (e.g. alternative sites links given dependant on language, hosts alternative translation pages).

The hotspot strategy for this title is to demonstrate a wide range of technologies and services which can linked to from the context of the interactive movie.Where possible, French and German equivalents of services and sites will be substituted on the fly when language is not English.


URL to (under construction)

Holding page giving details of 'Glacier' and providing the option to make a bid to buy the oil painting itself.


URL to local sponsor a tree campaign


URL to purchase definitive reference work on mythical Creatures. Intially Barnes and Noble, switching to availability record of when complete.


Stationary supplies e-commerce links.


The 'lively jig'will be sampled from a CD available for immediate purchase via this URL.

URL to


URL to or equivalent.


Webcam of vending machine and contents status information


List of candidates at

Besides it, the coffee machine links to


The character dialogue will be recorded in UK English, German, and French. Users can switch to an alternative language during playback.

Optional subtitles will also be created for each language.

Manual controls

The B3D projector provides extensive manual controls for interacting with movies. Additional elements (e.g. credits billboard) will be seeded into the sets during post-production for discovery during manual camera exploration of scenes.

Keyboard commands available within the B3D projector.