Horses for Courses:
A person or thing being employed for the purpose for which it is best suited.

This is Europe's first multi-lingual 3D movie online! In this fractured fairy-tale, Pan, the fun and funky God of Nature comes face-to-face with the modern world.

Produced as a pilot by, Horses for Courses is a real interactive movie. You choose the level of interactivity. Is it a film? A game? A tool? A toy? It really is up to you. Interactivity tips >> is an interactive media production company that provides creative/ technical consultancy, project management and streaming media innovation. After watching, go to the main site >> produces its own content as well as developing productions for its clients, suitable for television, iTV, Internet and wireless delivery. We also design characters and avatars, for delivery and syndication across all forms of media.

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Do something! This is an interactive movie with two endings, infinite camera angles, e-commerce, and some hidden surprises.
TIP: Note when the cursor changes to a hand. Some things are click-able.
P Pause/restart
TIP: When paused, you can use <LEFT> and <RIGHT> ARROW keys to control playback.

Manual camera modes (4)
<SHIFT> + drag to zoom in/out
<CONTROL> + drag to pan up/down/left/right
<ALT> + drag to rotate
TIP: If you get lost, press M till the default camera view is restored.

<INSERT> Advance movie by five seconds
<DELETE> Rewind movie five seconds
TIP: Use this for instant replays
<right mouse click> b3d settings
Hardware configuration
Wireframe display option

For support or further information on the B3D movie projector,


The 3D movie is available for PC. Macintosh support is coming soon.
Macintosh/Linux users can watch the streaming video.

  • Pentium 266 or greater
  • Windows Me, 98, NT, or 2000
  • Sound card
  • Internet connection
  • Internet Explorer 4 or higher or Netscape Navigator 4 or higher











Watch streaming video if you do not have the system requirements for the B3D interactive movie (e.g. Macintosh or Linux users).














Michelle Bourke
+44 (0) 1978 367 371

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a flic by .M.

Horses for Courses


Online Design & Development

B3D Editing & Gesture Animation

Michela Ledwidge

3D Modelling & Animation

Art Director

Reelthing Animation

Damon O'Connell


Sound design & music

Sound producer
Sound composer

La Cuisine

Hugo Vermandel
Sebastien Cortequisse

Banner ad sound

("Stay focussed" courtesy Courtyard People / Blackplastic)
Pan James Christian
Pan makeup Melanie Bouviere
Pan/Boss voice (English) Nizami
Pan/Boss voice (Espanol) Diego Asensio
Pan/Boss voice (Francais) Sylvain Maury
Communications Director Michelle Bourke
Marketing Director Sarah Cave
Marketing (London) Marva Lord
Marketing (Barcelona) David Alvarez
Marketing (Paris) Katie Christie
B3D technical support Greg Pailstra
David Coen
Office workers

Michelle Bourke
Sarah Cave
Richard Dougan
Jonathan Fahey
Dave Henderson
Michela Ledwidge
Michele Legge
Damon O'Connell
Jonathan Phillips

Erich Weidle

Fairy wrangler Katrina Ledwidge
Special thanks to Anthony Rose, Toby Rushton, Charles Verrall, the Shooting People, theforeignoffice, and all the beta testers.