April 30, 2003

Look and feel of The Matrix Reloaded

Read this guy's press clippings and you get a sense of how one cool idea can change the world, at least visually. Paul Debevec produced ground-breaking work in image-based modelling which is about to be popularised all over again with the release of The Burly Man, sorry, The Matrix Reloaded. Build a 360degree world from photographs and fly a high resolution camera around in it. WIRED's article on JohnGaeta describes how the alternative approach to computer graphics, don't model the world, sample it, was used to create a system which doesn't replace actors but captures their visual performance better. Inspiring stuff. Still, I hope our virtual life/kungfu/sunglasses phase passes over time. It's so Bill and Ted innit? I'm glad smellovision never took off.

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Interview with Anthony Wong (who plays Ghost) on the making of Enter the Matrix.

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