July 07, 2003

Film's not dead, damn it!

Good reality check on Salon.com, Film's not dead, damn it!. Why cinematographers are suspicious of the digital cinema "revolution".

"Sony and Panasonic both manufacture high-definition cameras, and have a stake in getting their products used and accepted (not to mention plugged by Lucas), whether they produce satisfactory results or not."

It is really the same argument as the one urging caution with regards to human cloning, genetically modified foods, hell any high technology area. There is no need to rush into a new framework when technology is moving so fast, leaving last year's products obsolete? Who wants to raise a family where each child reflects the technology of his or her day. Obsolete kids? "My big sister was Win95, I was XP. We always had a few issues."

I can relate to the argument that creative technology vendors are not to be trusted. My last (digital) film "Horses for Courses" relied on proprietary software that (two years later) is no longer supported (although the cheeky sods still sell it). In hindsight, digital technology could have served the story much better.

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