October 06, 2003


Here's for indie distribution. Even the web site is crap...


… For the past two years we have held the festival at ‘The Zoo’ in Fortitude Valley Queensland, in 2004 though, we shall be taking the festival to many other towns around Australia in a Short Crap National Competition.

The festival will start in Brisbane and then travel for about 3 weeks. Each town will vote on a winner, the winner for that evening will then be announced and awarded many goodies. On the final evening we shall award the national winner simply by adding up all of the votes taken from each town. Wow!

The festival is looking for films of a comedic nature, so if your film has made people, or even a person laugh, then please feel free to send it along.

This is not a festival about mocking short works, but rather to provide a further life for them and to recognize potential talent working underground within the Australian & International community. Plus to have fun!

Some Short Crap Statistics:

Length - Under 10 minutes, films must be no more then 3 years old
Genre: - Laughable
Format - Please send only VHS PAL for previewing.

Entry Fee - Between AU $9 - $12.50, you decide!
Deadline - July 15th, 2004

Address - Fully Flared Films
ATTN: Kelly West
The Chocolate Factory
144 Cleveland St. Chippendale, NSW 2008, Australia

For further details and an entry form please contact Fully Flared Films on

shortcrap@fullyflared.com – as we become more in-touch with this modern world,

entry forms shall be available from our website www.fullyflared.com – under

*Crap - defined - there are many definitions of what crap is; vulgar slang -

something which is of poor quality, nonsense, rubbish or excrement.

The definition of Crap for this festival is the following: What could be one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure; what might not meet the standards of some meets the standards of others; What might not work in some ways works in others; Australian humour, not funny to some, hilarious to others!"

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