November 28, 2003

The future of Sony

Sony's presentation of its PSX and PSP devices at E3 in July caused a stir, as reported by Gamespy. The PSX is a consumer electronics device that can play PS2 games, go online, burn DVDs and act as a storage device with a 120Gb hard drive.

The PSP is a handheld device that plays "Universal Media Disc" media, a format with supposed support from major film studios.

Sony's slides are available:

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Well, in my elevated postion, I can only presume that the PSX and PSP will be massive sucesses and totaly throw Nintendo off the top spot when it comes to handheld gameplay.

Nintendo are crap anyway - have you ever seen those Pokemon games for them, complete sh*te, and boring as hell, and yet some people are totaly hooked on them. Not me, I'll never understand it.

If it is true that Sonys new portable hand held device can rival PS2 graphics, then I for one will be interested in purchasing one.
But then again probably not, I've never been to bothered with handheld gaming and I'll probably just wait for the PLaystation 3 to arrive, whenever that may be.

Over and out.

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Posted by: SH on April 25, 2004 08:11 PM
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