January 12, 2004

Tracey Moffatt and Leigh Bowery films

Tracey Moffat's photography and films are being showcased at the Museum of Contemporary at Art, Sydney at the moment. She is not known for interactive film-making but Love (2003) is a stunning 21 minute compilation of male/female kissykissy/love/hate/slap!/"I can't take this any more"/*woman blows guy away* moments from popular cinema.

Tracey Moffatt - Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery - Sydney, Australia

More of a cover than a re-mix, the MCA is also currently the place to sample the life and fabulousness of Leigh Bowery, including a music video cover of Walk This Way that would have Run DMC choking on their lattes. If you have never seen a merkin (ie pubic wig) in action then better get wise and check this out.

============ LEIGH BOWERY XTRAVAGANZA ============ (a loud link but appropriate)

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