December 20, 2004

BitTorrents under attack

New development in the War against Torrents.

Two of the largest Bit Torrent tracker sites have gone down, and, with commentators suggesting that the Motion Picture Association of America is behind this. The end of file sharing as we know it?

Hardly. All that has happened is that file sharers have got to find a new way of doing business as usual. And once again media businesses demonstrate a total lack of imagination. People pay for convenience...

As much I love the idea of Bit Torrent, in practice I've never been that satisfied. BT works best for distributing the most popular files in the network. The files I've always been interested in are rarely these ones. Hence the appeal of subscription download services that provide good bandwidth to niche programs. One day the idiots will get it. ends, not with a bang but a whimper | The Register

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