December 07, 2005

Google still under fire from publishers

The calls by publishers to block Internet search engine, from being able to monetise their content via indexing, are getting louder. The European Publishers Council has come out in support of French agency AFP which has a lawsuit out against Google News.

Group: Online content cannot remain free

Just how this dispute will be settled remains to be seen but the explosion of Web 2.0 (site-as-application) concepts and ever-increasing online search capabilities means that Microsoft and other players vying for a bigger piece of the action must be eying this one carefully. It is going to be hard to roll back the clock, regardless of how much traditional "Ask Permission first" pressure is applied. The very nature of the medium could be at stake.

I'm yet to hear any pro-active proposals from these same publishers as to how they intend to evolve their business while overzealously guarding their meta-data.

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