January 03, 2006

Alternative ending DVDs

Scrounging for scraps or producing interactivity? You decide.

"Universal Studios Home Entertainment recently surveyed consumers and found alternate endings are their favorite bonus features"

DVD producers hunt for novelties - Yahoo! News

Non-liner narrative, especially alternative endings, is a tricky subject for storytellers. On one hand audiences expect more choice yet providing one (let alone several) compelling storylines is often hard enough. Where do you draw the line?

As usual, the studio endorsements expressed here come after years of cautious experimentation and considerable money burnt by independents. What have we learnt? The innate appeal of a non-linear storyilne for its own sake is limited but offering a wider pool of assets is often appreciated by the audience. The appeal of peeking "inside the box" to see how movies are made is not to be underestimated, especially by jaded ("seen it all before") professionals.

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