February 05, 2006

Blu-Ray movie discs

Chris Adamson expands on why every film will have its own ecommerce store before long thanks to the Blu-Ray format which looks set to be the sequel to DVD-ROM.

We Love Blu-Ray Java! It's Perfect! Now Change. - O'Reilly Mac DevCenter Blog

Listening to the engineers from Sun and Phillips talking through the spec at the Java One conference I couldn't help thinking that there are going to be some disappointed interactive movie-makers out there. No matter how far advanced the soon-to-be-mainstream features are going to be, this is still rudimentary corporate technology struggling to stay within sight of our collective imaginations without losing control. Blu-Ray stems from the consumer electronics industry which is worlds away from the lastest crop of social media APIs online. Whatever scope there is for being cheeky and innovating with Blu-Ray, you can rest assured that the official playground will require locks and keys.

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