February 10, 2006

Jeff Veen talk

Jeff Veen gave a good talk on Web 2.0 at the Digital Futures conference. Here are his slides.


He talked about how boom and bust cycles have been going on for centures. E.g. tulips, steam trains and Tokyo land speculation, akong with dotcom bubbles all fall into a similar pattern.

He spoke of the Web 2.0 hype essentially as a promising sign that we now have more of an Internet platform we can build on.

His user interface approach was all about:
* Usability
* Typography
* Wireframing (making a skeleton)
* Structure (information architecture)
* Scope (what we do)
* Strategy (what organisations do)

He spoke of conversations opposed to broadcasting.

It's all about TRUST. Users as peers. Users in control of data. People owning data.

First impressions are EVERYTHING. First 1/20th of a second impression formed is the important one.

* Visual appeal
* Cognition & Emotion
* The Halo Effect

Persuasive Technology - a tool for deception?

Emotional Design.

The Hype Machine - audio blog aggregator

He gave some signs of trust
* tag clouds
* colour (yellowing of W3C pages)
* vouching clusters (Technorati)
* attribution (academic peer review)

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