January 31, 2007

Microsoft Vista - massive disappointment?

Will 2007 be the year of one step forward, two steps back? After the resurgence in awareness of environmental issues it would appear that one of the most influential companies in the world is about to sweep the issues under the carpet once again.

I haven't verified all the information in this Green Party blurb but the monopolistic behavior attributed to Microsoft in this article sounds like business as usual and incredibly destructive. No matter how many billions Bill gives to charity this is really going to stink. As the article points out, this is really just pandering to the ignorance rife in the media sector about DRM. I doubt very much that hardware "lock down" will prove much of an obstacle to hackers. On the day before it is launched, Microsoft Vista sounds like it is already obsolete and set to become a right pain in the planet.

Green Party - Real Progress

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