February 04, 2007

WANTED: roller skating crocodile

The other day I needed to reference that VRML roller skating crocodile that Protozoa, the SF web3D company, made around 1996. They produced the Floops series for SGI - a valiant attempt at establishing the webisode format years ahead of a market.

It's a real shame that so much of the early Web has vanished. Protozoa died a dotcom death but produced some inspiring work within the technical limitations of the day. The roller skating crocodile is one particular memory playing on a slick new machine - after opening six or seven browser windows containing dancing crocodiles and it
brought Windows NT crashing down in a heap!

Just over ten years later, and there is barely a trace of Protozoa's work online. And no crocodile... {:-(

One of the few archives I could find has most of the Floops series below, but does anyone got a link to a croc for this file hoarder?



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