August 23, 2005

Superstar VJs

The BBC Creative Archive project has released a new set of clips aimed at VJs via the Radio One website.

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August 20, 2005


Issue one is out of a re-mix ready cypunk comic tailor-made for viewing on a PSP.

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August 19, 2005


"In other news, at Open Tech 2005 an Amazon representative said that they’d be opening up IMDB with an API in the near future, so something to watch there."

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August 16, 2005

Trademark Linux. Make cash.

Slashdot | Linux Trademark Protection In Australia

Now here's a pearler... take a word synonymous with freedom and shared resources, trademark it and then start licensing it out. An allegedly crackpot lawyer in Perth, Jeremy Malcolm is kicking up a storm with demands for "Linux" users to pay up to AU$5000 in license fees. More embarassing news from home.

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August 12, 2005

DTV - non-profit TV and video

DTV: Internet TV

A new open source platform for Internet broadcasts and podcasts was launched this week by the Participatory Culture Foundation. DTV aims to harness the power of RSS video enclosures and Bit Torrent to provide a low cost mechanism for online expression. It all sounds very noble but ultimately it's still TV.

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August 04, 2005

Another way to think about code

A lot of people, myself included, would view software production as a tool but not the goal when it comes to digital cinema. It's all about the content baby! Or is it? Joel on Software makes some pertinent observations about why the value of good quality cannot and should not be downplayed by anyone working in this arena. Makes me want to brush up on my python just thinking about it.

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August 03, 2005

Mobiles as remote controls

Hackdiary explains how to use an Ericsson mobile phone to control PC applications via Bluetooth.

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August 02, 2005

Remix Now! The Rise of Cut and Paste Culture

Wired Magazine may sell Humvee ads on its back cover these days but it still has relevence as a barometer of contemporary culture. The latest issue to hit the streets in London shows clearly how far the awareness of mash-ups has come in the last 18 months.

With contributions by Neil Gaiman, William Gibson for starters, this is one issue not to be missed.

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Digital Cinema Specification 1.0

The film industry has spoken. There will be a standard digital cinema experience and you can now read the spec.

Nothing new as far as the experience is concerned and certainly no mention of sampling culture.

One interesting observation is that cinema owners are going to have to have reliable Internet connections to screen films. Failure to connect to a new release’s “license server” might prove disastrous to box office takings. It reminds me of my first and only experience playing Bingo. The Bingo caller announced that due to modem troubles there would be no big cash prize on the next game, as they couldn’t connect to the nation-wide system. Of course, that is when I got the winning numbers, and I have never been back since!

Wired News: Hollywood Plots End of Film Reels

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Music sampling from portals

The music industry is not making enough money out of mobile phone tunes and ringtones says Qpass, a mobile phone software specialist. The ability for potential customsers to right-click and download a track sample from a web site (and use as a ring-tone) is under the spotlight with a claim that this is "potentially harmful". To businesses that can't cope with change maybe... but I don't personally see free sampling of 30 second clips as a threat to artists. Where they go, the labels will follow.

Mobile Entertainment

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