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April 25, 2004

VJing at Subterfuge opening night


"Funkcutter and Candiflip aka PUNKVERT are bringing a new night of twisted bohemian culture to EC1 (an area historically steeped in decadence [darling] and naughty goings on!). Subterfuge will be launched at the well-reputed Charterhouse Bar, 38 Charterhouse Street on Sunday 25th April 2004, 6pm-12am, Free entry.

Audience and performers alike, the night promises to be packed with a truly eclectic mix of degenerates, subverts, punkverts, pimp-fuckers and crotch-watchers. Cabaret, dancing, debauchery… what better for the day of worship?

With aims to becoming a monthly experience of quality hedonism, the promoters are starting off with three very special events over the spring/summer period. The ethos of the night is to bring all the elements of culture that we like into one vicious melting pot, something to celebrate.

Master of ceremonies- Tam Dean Burn, a well-respected sub-culture stage man will be not only performing but also making sure that the tamed get untamed. Guiding us all on the good ship lollipop, destination undisclosed…

A gender bending heady mixture of booty bass, breaks, hip-hop, electro and the more twisted side of tech-house are some of the musical genres on offer. Throw in some of the capital’s most well known Vjs to provide a sleaze core back drop of imagery, plus the incredible line up of live acts and you soon get to realize that a carnival of corruption of the highest order is on offer to those that dare.

Whilst these events are free, to guarantee entry please email the Door Whore- subterfugecabaret@hotmail.com."

Sunday 25th April 2004

Live acts
3rd Degree Burn and Gareth Sager (the group/Rip Rig and Panic) performing “I’ve got this permanent erection” by Gareth Sager.

Paul the Girl- twisted mix of deep in the backwoods country and Weimar Republic style cabaret acoustic puke and voodoo tunes, “Shirley Temple with a voyeuristic glee for vomit and sex”- the Guardian

The Wind-up- clockwork doll dance duo

Andrew Bailey-one man, rubber glove, balls

Dubkult (Warp/Arcola Records)
Miss Pink (Velvet Tip Saloon/Blackmarket Records)
PRNWhore (Punkvert)

Funkcutter (Punkvert)
.M. (thequality.com)

Master of Ceremonies-Tam Dean Burn


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