February 24, 2006

Henry Rollins - possible terrorist threat?

One for Candid Camera to re-stage down the line.


Rock star guy/political activist reads a history book on Militant Islam. The man in the seat beside him looks at it out of the corner of his eye.


Same hard rock star opens a letter from the Australian Security Hotline informing him that he had been dobbed in as a potential threat.

CU Rock star as he scribbes a fuck you response in reply.

True story according to Henry Rollins' blog.

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February 12, 2006

VJing at Murder Mile Studios

Big tips of the lid to new friends over atMurder Mile Studios and the irrepressible punkvert for putting on Saturday's Bad Look Bordello. I ended up doing a short set amidst a crazy and hilarious mix of messy cabaret acts. If laughter is the best medicine then I should be feeling better than this. *groan*. Most of the shows were hilarious. Interesting venue being run as a collective in Clapton. Last week they screened Nosferatu accompanied by a live soundtrack performance.

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February 01, 2006

BHS light pollution

We're still waiting to hear back from BHS regarding the light pollution spilling from their head office on Marylebone Rd, London. It would be great to see the stars again.

Information on UK light pollution from the CPRE light pollution campaign.

Full text of the letter below:

Sent via Bhs website contact form 24/01/06.

Dear Bhs representative,

Bhs has a property, some kind of administrative building, on the corner of Marylebone Rd and Wyndham St, W1 London. The stairwell at the back, closest to number 8 Wyndham St, has 2 sets of lighting over three stories that are left on all night, every night. I am told this has been the case for at least three years.

Besides shining into my bedroom window and preventing me getting a sound nights sleep I am sure the cost of wasted electricity could not be good for the Bhs balance sheet. Especially if this approach to resource-use is applied elsewhere in your organisation.

Allowing this to continue also wouldn't be good for your rating as an environmentally-responsible corporate citizen, considering both light-pollution and the excess energy consumption that worsens global climate change.

I'm sure this problem could be quickly and easily fixed by either putting the lights on a timer or even just removing the globes from one set of the two sets of lights in use.

Please let me know how and when you intend to reduce this light pollution so I can get a good nights sleep and we can all be doing our bit for the environment.

Best regards,

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