June 19, 2007

Hackday London


Originally uploaded by Tim Hawkins.

What a cool weekend. I was really impressed by the people who showed up for this. 74 hacks were presented on Sunday afternoon after an all night coding marathon. The building, Alexander Palace, was struck by lightning, rain poured in through the skylights and the wifi network collapsed. All part of the fun.

This is katemonkey demo'ing our team's entry Storybook which had a go auto-illustrating text via the Yahoo and Flickr APIs and passed pics to Maya for rendering into 3D scenes.

A great reminder that developer communities are the heart and soul of the Web. Kudos to the backstage crew at the BBC and Yahoo for putting together a wicked show.


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June 16, 2007

Hackday London

I guess this is the developer's equivalent of a retreat. I'm at Alexander Palace working on Sanctuary VFX shots and hoping to pick up some useful web services tips in the process.


No team as yet. Anyone looking to team up on munging some BBC and Yahoo webservices into our VFX pipeline (Maya, Shake, Final Cut Pro etc). Drop me a line..

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