May 10, 2002

SRS diary

Do I have a clitoris? That is the question. I had a pretty good day. Sat in front of the stupid macchines and tried to fix problems. Re-learnt how to do basic programming, the cut 'n paste then tweak kind. Even that took hours. And what for? To remove from view one of the only things I've ever done that was on the right track for me.

Don't mind me, the two fingered one-handed typist. With my other hand i'm holding a glass rod up my snatch. It used to be so the hole won't close. Now it's comforting. OK sure I'm not out of the woods yet but I'm feeling better. Sudden sharp switch as some suture pulls loose. the guy's handiwork seems to be holding.

The clit area, under suspicion that it is, has cleared up since yesterday. Not much pus and encouragingly there is a construction which could resemble a sensory organ. We'll see but not quite yet. The thought of inadvertently dislodging my surgery is too much. I'll play it safe like the good little dodgy white girl I am.

A pause for somber reflection, JACK readers may consider how easy it would be to just run on and never experience what I'm going through right now. And they'll bloody love it. Courses for horses or something like that. i'm trying something different but yup, less accurate piss targeting ahead. Here's one to being a boy and what all us MtF trannies throw aside. Enjoy!

Posted by .M. at May 10, 2002 02:31 PM


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