April 30, 2003

Look and feel of The Matrix Reloaded

Read this guy's press clippings and you get a sense of how one cool idea can change the world, at least visually. Paul Debevec produced ground-breaking work in image-based modelling which is about to be popularised all over again with the release of The Burly Man, sorry, The Matrix Reloaded. Build a 360degree world from photographs and fly a high resolution camera around in it. WIRED's article on JohnGaeta describes how the alternative approach to computer graphics, don't model the world, sample it, was used to create a system which doesn't replace actors but captures their visual performance better. Inspiring stuff. Still, I hope our virtual life/kungfu/sunglasses phase passes over time. It's so Bill and Ted innit? I'm glad smellovision never took off.

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April 17, 2003

Don Brutzman interview on X3D

Don Brutzman is the chair of the X3D graphics specification. In this interview, recently circulated to the membership of the Web3D Consortium, he summarises the past and future of real-time 3D graphic for the web.

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April 08, 2003

Sony TV will stream video from the Net

ZDNet reports that "the electronics division (of Sony) has fully embraced that the dominant delivery mechanism this decade will be broadband".

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April 04, 2003


The upcoming PS2 title Primal is the subject of a series of events at the ICA. P::R::I::M::A::L :::: A::R::T

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Pop Idol rhythm game in development

Codemasters have announced a rhythm/action game based on the hit TV show. It's only single-player however. Doesn't sound like it will knock Gitaroo Man off it's pedestal in this house.

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April 03, 2003

Calder to buy EMI

Grist from the rumour mill, music industry analyst Bob Lefetz predicts a buy-out of EMI and a resurgence of Napster, supported by major labels. In The Lefsetz Letter, his mailing list aimed at music industry execs, Bob writes:

So, now on Roxio's Napster, you'll be able to trade both EMI and Sony product. It won't be long before the other label groups come to the party.

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