June 23, 2004


Another TV content syndication project has been slashdotted. Torrentocracy is open source software and an approach to running a grass-roots TV station.

The approach relies on using MythTV, a Linux media server, for playback, RSS feeds for content programming and BitTorrent for p2p distribution.

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June 22, 2004

Complete eejit's guide to film-making

The lengths that people have to go to in order to get around film studio copyright protection...

This is a nicely illustrated case study of Jaws the movie using one of my favourite open source technologies - Lego.



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June 18, 2004

T-shirts that play trailers

Hollywood marketing idea of the week. Chicks wearing video t-shirts that play trailers around E3.


Video t-shirt model at E3 2004
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June 11, 2004

Why realistic graphics make humans look creepy

Slate examines why the closer we get to CG realism for human characters, the more difficult it becomes.

The Undead Zone - Why realistic graphics make humans look creepy. By Clive Thompson

Call it the Final Fantasy syndrome or whatever, I am starting to doubt whether we will see many photo-realistic performances this lifetime. Not because the technology isn't there but more because of the way it will be used. Most people can now tell when CG models are being used in a shot and the novelty has well and truly worn off.

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June 09, 2004

Re-mixable film release

A taster for the MOD Films business model this week with the release of a VJ content pack,

Extreme T

The pack is a collection of files that let you play a film from a PC or Mac using a MIDI keyboard. You can use a regular keyboard to trigger the visuals but the latency is far lower using MIDI.

Arkaos specified a limit of 300MB so it wasn't possible to include the entire films in linear form.

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