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June 09, 2004

Extreme T released by Arkaos

Arkaos have released a VJ content pack containing the best bits from my last two films, Extreme T and Fan Dance. The idea is that you buy other people's clips and use them when you VJ.


As well as the video there is a KOS file, Arkaos' VJ software file format, that lets anyone with a MIDI keyboard play with the video, jpgs and effects. I recorded two mixes, one to Basement Jaxx and one to Ladytron, as a sampler. You can re-connect these tunes by selecting your own MP3s through the software.

The idea of selling my films in this way is convenience, not access, because if you just want to watch the films they are available elsewhere under a Creative Commons license.

This is good timing because my new film SANCTUARY, being produced by MOD Films, was always intended to be a re-mixable film. We are going to make the film and give it away for non-commercial use. You may not have to buy it to watch it but the film experience is designed to be MOD'ed, so you can hack it to bits and re-assemble it if you're so inclined.

We don't expect everyone to get into this stuff but VJs and game MOD'ers are already doing this with impunity. I'm pretty sure it will catch on. It's not rocket science.

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