September 30, 2004

TimBL warns of patent licensing threat

Tim Berners-Lee has spoken out about the dangers of software patents stifling the development of the World Wide Web. TimBL, who se pioneering work at CERN in 1999 led to the introduction of the World Wide Web, is concerned that the potential of the Internet is under threat. He also drew attention to the fact that 3D graphics are yet to be really exploited online, despite the availability of open standards.

CRN | Breaking News | World Wide Web Inventor Warns Of Patent Licensing Royalty Threat

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September 27, 2004

European Developer Forum presentations

Powerpoints and notes from the recent European Developers Forum conference.

Detailed Programme : European Developers Forum - The Interactive Entertainment Conference

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September 24, 2004

PS3 disc capacity

No worries fitting your new film on the Playstation 3 it seems. Sony is choosing "the Blu-ray Disc ROM (BD-ROM) format as a medium for the next generation PlayStation. Specifically mentioned was a 54GB (dual layer, single side) capacity for the BD-ROM, 6 times larger than that of DVD-ROM."

Gamasutra - News

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September 22, 2004

Outfoxed - first re-mixable major motion picture

"film may be poised to join music as a medium ripe for being re-edited and re-imagined by third parties."

Brilliant news for re-mixable film-makers, the ice has been broken by Outfoxed - the first time a major motion picture has been released in this way. MOD Films is preparing to release pure entertainment titles in similar fashion.

Wired News: Outfoxed Offered for Remix

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September 21, 2004

Nvidia Gelato - digital film rendering

Nvidia is going all gooey over its new creme de la creme rendering system designed for digital film pipelines.

NVIDIA Digital Film - Gelato

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September 15, 2004


Thanks to Andy for a pointer to the 1st ranked "Wild" demo on Poeut. :: amondo by Aenima

Amondo, the third release by Hungarian demo group Aenima, is a CG animation using off-the-shelf mocap data and some nice atmospheric lighting.

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September 01, 2004

Oddworld Inhabitants talk Stranger

The new game from Oddworld Inhabitants is showcasing the studio's first foray into real-time cinematics, a departure from their Academy Award nominated rendered sequences that have always been a highlight of their games.

..... >> VFXWorld / Feature Articles << .....

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Eyris - light interface

Use light beams to play a MIDI instrument.

- _ - eyris - _ -

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