October 25, 2004

Alan and Joan Root

I've always wondered why Alan and Joan Root, two of my favourite film-makers remain so obscure and unrecognised.

Finally, at least one web page devoted to their films - Alan Root thanks to the Academic Film Archive of North America that catalogues the best 16mm film-makers that never engaged with Hollywood.

The Natural History Museum in London has a small sample of the film "Mzima: Portrait of a Spring" playing on a monitor alongside its life-size model of a hippo. The footage is an underwater shot of the "river horse" bounding along the bottom of Mzima Springs, in Samburu National Park, north Kenya.

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October 14, 2004


Frogjam: Online MIDI Jamming

Frogjam is a MIDI client/server suite for online jams. Good to see that online MIDI jamming hasn't died along with Rocket Network. It is still ahead of its time.

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