November 23, 2004

Peter Jackson says re-mix The Two Towers

MikeH writes in that on The Two Towers' Director's Commentary (the start of the second disk), Peter Jackson explicitly encourages some fan out there to re-mix the film in chronological order. But what does New Line Cinema have to say about that?

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November 22, 2004

Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom

Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom is Cory Doctorow's first novel, available for download from his web site as well as in print.

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CUT/Film as Found Object

The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), North Miami currently has an exhibition, CUT/Film as Found Object, in which artists re-work film and television.

"In this innovative installation of large-scale video projections artists manipulate film and television in ways that make the familiar unfamiliar, and provide the viewer the opportunity to experience a new reality."

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November 20, 2004

Online movie channel, shows work from 3 seconds to 3 minutes in length.

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November 15, 2004

CC sampling licenses go live with Wired CD

A truly historic magazine issue has hit the stands. The Beastie Boys, David Byrne and 14 other artists lend their support (and a track) to the Creative Commons Sampling License initiative.

Wired 12.11: Sample the Future

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November 11, 2004

Game industry HR in the spotlight

When making games are your life, it's worth asking what the price is. In this Slashdotted piece, Anonymous "ea_spouse" writes about the working conditions at EA studios.

The conclusion seems to be something to do with the conflict between art and commerce. In the third world, we'd call this a sweat shop.


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November 10, 2004

EU puts 5.1 million into re-mixable TV

NM2 is a European Union funded project to develop software tools to support audience-driven interactive worlds around TV productions. The partners include BT who will develop software and the BBC who will provide access to content material.

BBC NEWS | Technology | Viewers to be able to shape TV

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November 09, 2004

Online films vs online music biz

Faultline argue that the case for online film business is fundamentally different to online music business.

Newcomer video-on-demand firm, Akimbo, is compared to older outfits.

Stealing movies: Why the MPAA can afford to relax | The Register

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