February 14, 2005

Google Video Search

Google is beta-testing an indexed video service on US tv. Search using the familiar interface and call up what's on the box.

Google Video Search

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Tecmo vs the Naked MOD

Get ready... Fight! It had to happen. While many games makers are perfectly happy for customers to play with released titles, express their creativity and circulate MODs in their communities, Tecmo are having none of that nonsense.

Hackers sued for tinkering with Xbox games | The Register

A lawsuit under the US DMCA has now been issued against the now defunct website ninjahacker.net because users were swapping "skins" that changed the appearance of game characters.

Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball is one such title that you will now MOD at your peril. Its no small irony that the original title has enough T&A on display to class as soft porn as-is.

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February 03, 2005


People will pay for convenience, not access. Online businesses are starting to wake up to this.

Michael Robertson, ex.MP3.com chief, speaks out about online music sites on the eve of launching MP3tunes which imposes no DRM restrictions on subscribers.

"I think [DRM] is a problem; I've made no bones about it," he said in an interview Wednesday. "I'm not a fan of DRM. I think it penalizes paying customers. If you can get music from file sharing networks and pay nothing, and then get it from the record guys with a pair of handcuffs attached…I think it's awful."

Lindows Chief To Launch DRM-Less Music Service

One to watch to see.

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February 02, 2005

Kazaagate continues

It's all too easy to pick holes in other people's efforts - how many people have been truly pioneering disruptive software? - but worth checking out the ongoing Sharman Networks/Kazaa court case in Sydney for a lesson in how not end up online.

apcmag.com: Kazaagate Day 15: part 2

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Augmented reality takes another step forward with 2D3's real-time camera tracking rig for the EU Lifeplus project.

2d3 - Company - Information about 2d3 and OMG Plc

"Engineers and researchers working in a Europe-wide consortium have demonstrated a breakthrough prototype augmented-reality system that can add 'digital people' and other computer-generated interactive animated elements in real-time to the visitor's view of the site."

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