March 30, 2006

Take the lead - Addictive TV remix

Addictive TV score the first Hollywood remix gig with a trailer for the upcoming Antonio Banderas flic Take the Lead.

YouTube - TAKE THE LEAD - Addictive TV remix

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March 27, 2006

We Media Global Forum

I've been offered and accepted a Fellowship place at the We Media Global Forum, at the BBC and Reuters in London, May 3-4,2006.

It will bring together about 250 trailblazers of the connected society - the thinkers, innovators, investors, executives and activists seeking to tap the potential of digital networks connecting people everywhere - for the purpose of uncovering, exploring and generating new ideas, products, services, policies or relationships that uncover and harness the power of mass collaboration.

No doubt I'll be posting updates from what looks to be an interesting network.
Morph-The Media Center conversation has already started.

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March 06, 2006

Lucas predicts the end of big movies

During this year's Oscars weekend, George Lucas predicted that "by 2025 the average movie will cost only US$15 million." after indie movies secured most of the major prizes. It certainly makes sense. The rise of user-generated-content generation is a sign that the tools of production have finally been democratised. Ironically it's the global success of the Hollywood machine that has contributed more than anything to the appeal of do-it-yourself storytelling.

Not a good sign for the film business or is it? You could argue that the "big" movies of the future will be wider than long. Starting with a cinema release, the best stories now have a chance to live far beyond the traditional distribution model. Which Oscar-winning film will be the first to let the audience in? Its cheap and it will happen.

New York Daily News - Home - Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Lucas: Big pics are doomed

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March 05, 2006

V&A onedotzero event - Transvision

V&A onedotzero event

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Dominic Hailstone was one of a number of artists on display at onedotzero's V&A exhibit last week. This was the puppet seen in "Belladonna", Hailstone's rather atmospheric new film.

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