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Event archive:    
Web3D 2017 2017-06-05 Queensland University of Technology (link)
Directing Virtual Reality 2017-05-22 St Kilda Town Hall (link)
The AR/VR Show 2016-09-16 AIT (link)
TAFE Engage 2016 2016-09-16 Powerhouse Museum (link)
Convergence 003 2016-09-15 University of Sydney (link)
Sydney Design Festival | Interactive Media Showcase 2016-09-09 UNSW Art & Design (link)
VR Development for PyLadies 2016-08-19 Studio Mod (link)
Creative Coding for Women 2015-12-05 Ambush Gallery (link)
SIGGRAPH Asia 2015 2015-11-03 Kobe Convention Center (link)
V21 Digital Media Summit 2014-10-02 State Library of Victoria (link)
Dare, Danger, Destroy 2014-08-28 Australian National Maritime Museum (link)
Sydney Film Festival 2014-06-13 Sydney Town Hall (link)
VIVID Electrolapse 2014-05-31 Pier 2/3 Sydney (link)
Museums Australia National Conference 2014-05-18 QVMAG, Launceston (link)
OzDox 2014-04-08 AFTRS, Sydney (link)
Siggraph ACM Sydney 2014-04-02 Metroscreen, Sydney (link)
Australian Directors Guild Conference 2013-11-13 The Sebel, Pier One, Sydney (link)
Story+ | Brisbane Writers Festival 2013-09-04 QUT, Brisbane (link)
MPA Education Forum 2013 2013-07-08 Sydney Opera House (link)
After Dark 2013-06-20 The Arts Centre, Gold Coast (link)
Lunchtime lecture 2013-03-08 Qantm College (link)
ABC Radio National Conference 2012-09-03 UTS, Sydney (link)
Metro Apps Lab seminar 2012-07-05 Teachers Federation
Uberlingua featuring DJ GlobalRuckus 2011-09-24 450 Parramatta Rd, Petersham (link)
Fastbreak 2011-04-29 Powerhouse Museum, Sydney (link)
The Art of Prototyping 2011-03-12 Powerhouse Museum, Sydney (link)
Australian Directors Guild Conference 2011-03-01 Adelaide Centre for the Arts TAFE (link)
Raydar Launch Party 2010-02-25 202 Broadway, Sydney (link)
Poirier featuring MC Zulu, DJ Chucuchu, Sista Itations, Uberlingua 2010-01-16 Becks Bar, Sydney (link)
Revealing the Arts (panel) 2009-10-27 ABC, Sydney (link)
Continental Collision 2009-04-04 Abercrombie Hotel, Sydney (link)
Russ Jones (Future World Funk) 2009-02-28 Abercrombie Hotel (link)
Uber Lingua System Solstice launch 2008-12-20 Abercrombie Hotel, Sydney (link)
GameJamAU 2008-11-01 AFTRS, Sydney (link)
New Media Incubator 2008-10-25 The Byron at Byron, Byron Bay (link)
Social Media and User Generated Content event 2008-09-02 KPMG Sydney (link)
Re-mix My Lit 2008-08-30 Federation Square, Melbourne (link)
Digital Media Street Festival 2008-06-20 Gertrude Street (link)
Different Drummer 2008-06-20 Mars Lounge, Sydney (link)
Different Drummer 2008-04-05 Glasshouse, Melbourne (link)
SyPy meeting 2008-04-03 Google, Sydney (link)
Blast 2008-02-22 Bright'N'Up Bar, Sydney (link)
F.E.V.A. at Kooky 2008-02-16 Hermann's Bar, Sydney (link)
Carnivore 2008-02-02 Glasshouse, Melbourne (link)
Games Week launch party 2007-10-22 HMS President, London (link)
Edinburgh TV Un-Festival 2007-08-25 William Robertson Building, Edinburgh (link)
Film Magic and Beyond 2007-08-07 Westbourne Studios, London (link)
ourmedia07 2007-04-11 University of Technology, Sydney (link)
Emperor Moth London Fashion Week party 2007-02-15 Emperor Moth boutique, London (link)
MOD Films @ BarCamp 2007-01-26 Corbet Place, Old Truman Brewery, London (link)
Babyshambles / Love Music Hate Racism 2006-11-30 Fabric, London (link)
Summer's coming 2006-10-18 Abercrombie Hotel, Sydney
Deviant Bodies 2.0 2006-09-29 CEPA Gallery, Buffalo, NY (link)
Outlaw 2006-06-23 Jamm, Brixton (link)
b.tween interactive media forum 2006-05-26 NMPFT, Bradford (link)
User Engagement – Highways and Bi-laws 2006-05-18 01zero-one (London) (link)
Thursday Club 2006-05-11 Goldsmiths Digital Studios, London
Dorkbot London 2006-04-19 State 51, London (link)
Digital Utopia – Fact or Fiction? 2006-03-30 01zero-one, London (link)
Bad Look Bordello 2006-02-11 Murder Mile Studios, London (link)
Triplelicious 23 2005-11-02 Hoxton Bar And Kitchen, London (link)
XMediaLab 2005-06-15 Expo Centre Singapore (link)
AFTRS Digital Seminars 2005-03-21 AFTRS, Sydney Australia (link)
AMIP Conference 2005-03-19 Macquarie University, Sydney Australia (link)
Queeruption Antipodes 2005-02-16 Newtown, Sydney Australia (link)
Subterfuge 2004-09-26 Charterhouse Bar, London UK (link)
SPAA 2004 2004-08-08 Palazzo Versace, Gold Coast Australia (link)
Our Friends Elektric 2004-06-19 The Egg, London UK (link)
PEG 2004-05-29 Rhythm Factory, London UK
Arkaos at Virgin Megastore 2004-05-08 Virgin Megastore , London UK (link)
Subterfuge 2004-04-25 Charterhouse Bar, London UK (link)
Reality Check Radio Show 2004-02-27 WorldWide FM Internet radio UK (link)
What's the Story? 2004-02-18 BAFTA, London UK (link)
GAS Festival 2003-10-11 Moving Sounds, Göteborg Sweden (link)
The Gallery 2003-07-18 Turmills, London UK (link)
Europrix 2003-07-06 ICCM, Salzburg Austria (link)
Visiting Lecturer 2002-10-24 Falmouth College of Arts (link)
SIGGRAPH 2002-07-24 San Antonio, Texas US (link)
Incubation 2002-07-16 Nottingham Trent University Nottingham UK (link)
Contact Europe 2002-07-10 Leoncavallo, Milan Italy (link)
Contact Europe 2002-07-09 Leoncavallo, Milan Italy (link)
Full Tilt 2002-04-29 Electric Ballroom, London UK
Out of Order 2002-04-18 Electric Ballroom, London UK
Out of Order 2002-03-21 Electric Ballroom, London UK
Colloque International Litterature et Internet 2002-03-18 University of Paris IV-Sorbonne, Paris France (link)
Out of Order 2002-03-07 Electric Ballroom, London UK
Family 2001-12-14 Fortress Studios, London UK
Femi-9-Product 2001-12-07 Public Life, London UK (link)
Family 2001-10-12 Fortress Studios, London
Web3D Roundup @ SIGGRAPH 2001-10-01 LA Conference Centre, LA US
Family 2001-08-11 Fortress Studios, London
Family 2001-07-14 Fortress Studios, London
Chicks with Decks 2000-09-15 61 Regent St., Sydney Australia
travelogue 2000-08-11 Institute of Contemporary Art, London UK
Antipasto 2000-06-16 291 Gallery, London UK
two 2000-03-31 291 Gallery, London UK
one 2000-02-25 291 Gallery, London UK
Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said 1999-06-19 Fifth Column Theatre, London UK
Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said 1999-06-18 Fifth Column Theatre, London UK
Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said 1999-06-17 Fifth Column Theatre, London UK
Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said 1999-06-16 Fifth Column Theatre, London UK
Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said 1999-06-15 Fifth Column Theatre, London UK
Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said 1999-06-14 Fifth Column Theatre, London UK
Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said 1999-06-13 Fifth Column Theatre, London UK
Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said 1999-06-12 Fifth Column Theatre, London UK
Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said 1999-06-11 Fifth Column Theatre, London UK
Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said 1999-06-10 Fifth Column Theatre, London UK