May 27, 2002

Weblogs are go

Right, for the complete me there's now three logs set up

.M. - which is what you're reading.
T* - a weblog for angry trannies and
Massive - which is where hopefully all them good ideas will trickle down and make some kick ass movies.

Hope does have something to do with it. In the same week as I set this thing up I seriously contemplate throwing in the technological towel. The idea of an acoustic analog life has reared its head and for all its unpracticality it's got a hell of an appeal when your first attempt at typing all this in gets lost in the system.

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May 17, 2002

Here goes...

Don't ask how many publishing systems I've checked out before getting to this point... I know that printers don't have a rep for writing books... overexposure to web tech has clearly left scars...

Anyhow, thanks to stumbling across Aaron Swartz's weblog I've taken the plunge and gone with MovableType.

To think, last weekend I was contemplating getting rid of every piece of tech I own and pursuing a seriously acoustic analogue life (Mich's phrase not mine). Instead, I've set up yet another web server, this new thingy (which I'm already getting good vibes about) and an MP3 streaming server. I'm doomed.

Or perhaps not... the sun was out in London today, I had my hair done, and I don't have to write any code to get my babble published. Here goes the written word...

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