March 2004 - Research into next-generation film-making is spun off into a separate company - MOD Films with support from NESTA.

August 2002 - The Massive Manifesto - a vision for a universal open media framework - is published for comment.

July 2002 - A case study in web3d film-making is published and presented at the SIGGRAPH 2002 graphics and interactive technology conference in San Antonio, USA.

July 2002 - Writing for web3D is published and presented at the Incubation conference on writing and the Internet, Nottingham, UK.

September 2001 - Horses for Courses wins web3d Art prize at SIGGRAPH 2001 in Los Angeles, USA.
Press release: english

June 2001 - releases Horses for Courses - Europe's first multi-lingual streaming interactive 3D cartoon.
Press release: english | français | espanol

Apr 2001 - provides technical design for the UK Post Office multimedia kiosk project

Sep 2000 - Editorial content management system and streaming media service design for the launch of Premium TV, NTL's football subsidiary

Apr 2000 - Producer of Excite UK sport web pages, compiled from sportal and BSkyB data feeds, for sportal.

Jun 2000 - Grow Yer Own - a video installation that explores the issue of human cloning in society in humorous fashion

Jan 2000 - becomes a key contributor to, an education-based project, dedicated to helping people to find, research, authenticate, and enjoy books.

Sep 1999 - bman - a video documentary that explores the Burning Man Festival held in the Nevada desert.

Sep 2000 - DANCER, a Flash cartoon music toy designed and produced for SCAPE

Nov 1999 - assist with the launch of, a £75Million sports and leisurewear e-commerce start-up.

Apr 1999 - Production of the BBC Messageboards system - a scalable database solution to support online communities

Dec 1998 - re-develops Reuters' Euro and Data Notifications websites.

Apr 1998 - establishes operations in London, UK

Feb 1998 - Michela Ledwidge develops feature-length multipath screenplay, ten weeks in the head bin, for Brilliant Digital.

Aug 1997 - A touch-screen interactive program, Constellations, is developed for re-opening of the Sydney Observatory

May 1997 - Web production for the Nintendo 64 games console Australian launch.

Apr 1997 - Web production for Rolling Stone Magazine Australia.

June 1996 - IMAGES 1, an online pictorial database is produced for the National Library of Australia's digital image collection

July 1995 - Michela Ledwidge, Managing Director at co-presents a series of seminars held at NSW Parliament House, Australia, introducing the Internet to government personnel

June 1994 - Production of the National Library of Australia web site and internet services

Nov 1993 - The National Centre of Supercomputing Applications "What's New" page links to original site, hosted at the University of Sydney, in an entry dated 1993/11/15.

Jan 1993 - web site, hosted in Sydney, is the first published in the state of New South Wales, Australia

Jan 1993 - founded in Sydney, Australia as The Less Words Make -Always- The Quality Company