January 30, 2004


Point your phone or PDA at a sign and have content downloaded to your device. That's the idea behind Hypertag.

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January 29, 2004

Face plant on playstation

Sony has signed a deal with Digimask to use their virtual head creator software on the PS2 in conjunction with the EyeToy. Take front and side shots of your head with the EyeToy and Digimask will construct a head.


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January 28, 2004

Re-mixable films tribe

As a taster for the re-mixable films community, I recently set up http://remixablefilms.tribe.net to collect stills, signposts and discussion.

Why let game players have all the fun? Let's MOD the movies. How would you fiddle with your favourite films if they let you? What are people doing anyhow?

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January 23, 2004

BAFTA Interactive Festival events

The BAFTA Interactive Festival includes three full days of events (17 - 19 February) culminating in the BAFTA Interactive Awards on the 19th Feb and the BAFTA Game Awards on the 25th Feb.

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January 12, 2004

Tracey Moffatt and Leigh Bowery films

Tracey Moffat's photography and films are being showcased at the Museum of Contemporary at Art, Sydney at the moment. She is not known for interactive film-making but Love (2003) is a stunning 21 minute compilation of male/female kissykissy/love/hate/slap!/"I can't take this any more"/*woman blows guy away* moments from popular cinema.

Tracey Moffatt - Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery - Sydney, Australia

More of a cover than a re-mix, the MCA is also currently the place to sample the life and fabulousness of Leigh Bowery, including a music video cover of Walk This Way that would have Run DMC choking on their lattes. If you have never seen a merkin (ie pubic wig) in action then better get wise and check this out.

============ LEIGH BOWERY XTRAVAGANZA ============ (a loud link but appropriate)

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January 10, 2004


The Australian spoof news site, CNNNN, is packed with video clips from the show and elegantly satirises the slick packaging of television media. The audience-contributed news ticker is a nice touch too.

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January 02, 2004


Unity is a collaborative game project between two llegendary game designers Jeff Minter (Llamasoft) and Peter Molyneux (Lionhead Studios). Fans of Rez will be pleased to know that another "abstract shooter", that allows you to perform interactive graphics, is on its way.

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